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Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation)

How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Actually Work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. When you break the body’s skin barrier, it triggers the body’s healing response to send red blood cells and white blood cells to the area. When we use needles to do so, the micro trauma created also requires a protein to repair the “damage” and that protein in collagen. So basically the facial treatment stimulates collagen naturally to your face with Cosmetic Acupuncture! People call it ‘alternative Botox & Facelift’ because ultimately this treatment gives you those tightening and anti aging effects!

So YES! You can produce your own collagen, but your body isn’t just going to do it for you, you need something to stimulate it - cue the facial needles!


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

When it comes to Acupuncture, it has accumulating effects which means, the more treatments you have, the better your results! However, it really does depend what your treatment goals are.

For standard Acupuncture treatments, Madison will discuss a treatment plan timeline that is designed for you specifically. A course of acupuncture treatments range on average between 6-10 sessions for optimum results, depending on the condition and the individual.

For Cosmetic Acupuncture, it really depends on your skin care goals and current skin condition. (Age, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, etc) Again, usually for best results Madison suggest 6-10 sessions for optimum results however having ‘maintenance’ & ‘rejuvenating’ treatment plans such as once a month or a few times a year are also great options to help you feel your best!


Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are not to be feared. To put into perspective an acupuncture needle is similar thickness to a strand of hair. On average an acupuncture needle is around 0.25mm in thickness, this is 4 times thinner than a sewing needle and over 100 times thinner than a medical syringe. Madison's goal is to always make you feel comfortable & relaxed, and wants your experience to be as enjoyable & as pain free as possible.

If coming in for a treatment and the thought of needling is a great fear, please express this to us we will show you the needles and explain everything you need to know and talk you through any fears or anxiety behind the needling process. Madison has perfected her technique to allow your treatment to be as comfortable and pain free as possible.


Can I have Cosmetic Acupuncture if I am Pregnant?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is safe in pregnancy! Just like traditional acupuncture, you will receive the anti-inflammatory, nervous system calming effects from your cosmetic acupuncture treatment, with the added bonus of intense collagen induction.


Is There Anything Else I Should Know Before I Book?

Yes, a few things: Firstly, make sure you eat before your appointment as it can be quite stimulating and we don’t want you feeling faint or light headed so ensure you have food in your tummy prior to your appointment!

If you do want to have Cosmetic Acupuncture before a big event please make sure you come in 5 days prior to the event. This is to leave space in case of any bruising to fully heal. Also, please be aware that you shouldn’t touch up your make up for up to 4 hours after a session. So if you are coming for a day appointment, make sure you allow a good amount of time before your night time glam.

Lastly, clients can have cosmetic acupuncture anytime prior to Botox or filler injections however should wait two weeks after Botox or filler to allow that treatment to set in before having cosmetic acupuncture. Clients can also have Cosmetic Acupuncture after facial surgery as it can help encourage and support healing of the skin post - surgery.

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